Ep. 18 All Things Basketball

Basketball focused podcast! Basketball Division 1 Recruiting, developing & maintaining winning culture, player development, and more! In Ep. 18 of The Rise Up Podcast, Coach Vigansky & Coach Tyler McDevitt (Assistant Coach Marquette University) talk all things bball.  We begin discussing Coach McDevitt’s coaching pathway, how he has earned more responsibility and gained more trust […]

Ep. 17 – NFL Combine & Speed Training

Speed Kills! After some time away, we are back in action with The Rise Up Podcast!! In this episode, we talk with Coach Steve Haggerty regarding his path to becoming a Performance Coach in the private sector, working with everyone from youth athletes to elite athletes at Parkview Sports Medicine in Indiana and prepping players […]

Ep. 16 – Improve Health & Performance with DNA Nutrition Testing

Improving Health & Performance through nutrition is key for all walks of life.  In Ep. 16, I sit down with Erica Beine of Beine Wellness and discuss the impact that our DNA has on how we process foods. Erica has worked with some of the best and most recognized athletes in the world.  Including NCAA […]

Ep. 15 – Basketball Coaching, Recruiting & Scouting with Chicago Bulls’ Scout Dave Bollwinkel

In this basketball-centric episode from Spring of 2020, Bulls’ Scout Dave Bollwinkel shares his coaching and scouting experiences from the HS through the NBA level.  Topics include: His process to becoming a Div. 1 Coach (up through 23:00) Key concepts in developing championship culture & leadership within the team (starting 31:00) What sticks out when […]

Ep. 14 – Improved Skills Training using Constraints & Differential Learning with Alex Sarama of Basketball Immersion

Skills training takes many forms and in this podcast, we discuss Constraints Lead & Differential Learning with Alex Sarama of Basketball Immersion and Pallecanestero College (a Basketball Academy in Italy).  In his recent blog, he stirred up debate on how to develop fundamental basketball skill.  In this podcast, we take a look at the following: […]

Ep. 12 – Sports Nutrition with Director of Performance Nutrition at IMPACT Basketball – Isaac Mourier

In this information packed episode from Spring 2020 about Sports Nutrition, we speak with Director of Performance Nutrition at Impact Basketball (and former Sport Nutritionist @ University of Georgia and ex-pro basketball player in England’s BBL) Isaac Mourier and go through the following: Isaac’s Role @ Impact How he develops rapport with NBA Players The […]

Ep. 11 – D1 Basketball Yearly Development Plans & Recruiting – UW Director of Scouting & Recruiting, Coach Kyle Blackbourn

Details: In this Podcast from Spring of 2020, UW Director of Scouting & Recruiting, Coach Kyle Blackbourn, walks the listener through how UW handled the beginning of the pandemic, how their student-athletes’ commitments & development processes change throughout the year, what the D1 recruiting process is like and what athletes can do to put their […]

Ep. 10 – Dave Laughlin, Courtex Performance, PhD Skill Acquisition

In Episode 10, we speak with Dave Laughlin, PhD Skill Acquisition, of Courtex Performance.  We talk about what skill acquisition is, different approaches to its development, and give application examples in basketball and baseball.  We also touch on personality differences and how as a coach you can utilize different approaches based on an athlete’s personality.  […]

Ep. 9 – Nathan Cooper-Brown – Basketball Victoria High-Performance Coach

In this episode, we speak with Nathan Cooper-Brown about his basketball journey that has provided him the opportunity to Coach Men’s & Women’s basketball from the youth Regional levels through the elite National levels in Australia and internationally.  Within our conversation, we speak about transformational based coaching, the difference between coaching male & female athletes,  […]

Ep. 7 – Developing Championship Culture

Today’s guest, Coach Heather Stewart, knows how to develop losing basketball teams into a championship contenders at both the HS and Collegiate Levels.  Her track record of success has not gone unnoticed as she is also a regional coordinator for USA Yout

Ep. 6 – Developing Leadership & Servitude at Westpoint

In episode 6, we speak with Brandon Linton, former Assistant Basketball Coach at Div. 1 Army/Westpoint, where he spent 4 years before becoming Head Coach at Nichols College.  West Point has a tradition of excellence and has produced famed Coaches such as

Ep. 5 – Rainer Meisterjahn, Mental Performance Coach

Rainer Meisterjahn, a Certified Mental Performance Coach (CMPC) owns Courtex Performance, a consulting group for athletes, players, coaches & organizations who wish to bring their mental game to another level.  Courtex has helped evaluate NBA draft p

Ep. 4 – Joy Burke, Pro Basketball Player

Arriving to the USA from Taiwan at the age of 12, Joy Burke never before touched a basketball.   By the time she was 18, she had earned a full ride to play basketball at Arizona State University, a Division 1 school.  We talk about Joy’s developmen

Ep. 3 – National Scout, Eric Stang

In episode 3, National Scout from National Prospects ID, Eric Stang, is our guest.  Our conversation is 2-part.  First, Eric takes us into his development as a coach, what he would do differently, and what coaches can do to get their foot in the door coa

Ep. 2 – European Basketball Coach, Bernat Elias

In this episode, we have Bernat Elias, the Assistant Coach for Sodertajle in Sweden, where they are fresh of a 2019 Swedish Championship.  Throughout our conversation, we discuss the many differences between the European and American style of basketball.

Ep. 1: The Rise Up Podcast – Skyler Bowlin

In this episode, we discuss Skylers development from a young kid in Arkansas to Collegiate All-American to Professional in Germanys top league, the Bundaslinga .  We key in on how he refined his skill set, his experiences with coaches from all over the w