3 Keys to Tendinopathy: De-load, Static Hold, Progressive Load

Tendinopathy (tendon aches and pains – most common in Achilles & Patellar Tendons) is awful – especially when you are an athlete!  Before I begin writing this segment, let me preface it with this:  I am not a physical therapist or a doctor.  I AM, however, a former collegiate & professional basketball player that had […]

Parents of Athletes: What You Need to Know

Parents play a key role in an athlete’s development.  When looking at long-term athletic development, a key contributor to improvement is the support group.  Their support group consists of the people around them that help them achieve their goals: coaches, teammates, friends,  the athletic administration and of course, parents/guardians.  Support comes in many forms – […]

1 Definite Competitive Advantage in Sports – Commitment

I have trained athletes from 5 years old to 30+. There is a simple key separator between the good and great: commitment. Athletes very often have GREAT marketing skills: they can talk the talk. But very few, as cliche as this sounds, walk the walk. You know the type (common catchphrases): I am going to […]