Strength and Conditioning Coach in Kenosha

Elite Sports Strength and Conditioning Coach in Kenosha

Are you looking to improve your sports performance and achieve ultimate athletic results? Looking for a strength and conditioning coach in Kenosha to help you get there? Athletes On The Rise provides the best sports strength & conditioning in the area. Owner and trainer, Erick Vigansky, personally provides the strength & conditioning training that has made him a renowned strength and conditioning coach in Kenosha and throughout the region! Erick’s extensive experience and knowledge of sports, training, and overall human body health, will take you to the next level of athletic achievement!

At AOTR, our sports strength & conditioning training will give you all qualities required for performing at high levels. We work on coordination, balance, movement, injury risk reduction, strength, stamina, speed, as well as sensory integration. We will assess you to decide the injury risk and the physical capacities for the sport you are most focused on at the time. We set goals for each individual athlete and develop your skills to meet and/or exceed your goal! We offer training for all sports. Contact AOTR today for more information!

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Why Choose AOTR?

Our mission at AOTR is to be the top training organization in the world by developing well-rounded athletes that will accomplish their goals. We use a holistic, structured, and progressive approach from the knowledge of multidisciplinary fields to achieve results that are unparalleled. By doing this, our athletes reach their maximum potential in sports and in life outside of the sport.

Requirements for Athletes:

  • Ages 10 & up.
  • Willing to do the work in training sessions as well as on their own love
  • A love for the sport and the want to play at higher levels

We offer multiple options for training sessions, such as group, team, individual, in-person or online. We are flexible and will work with you to meet your needs. Not only do we offer sports & conditioning in Chicago and the surrounding area, we also provide a multitude of other services like nutrition coaching and mental skills training.

We look forward to helping you achieve your performance goals! Sign up today to start your journey of athletic improvement! After registration, schedule your session by clicking the links given in the purchase receipt that is sent to your email.