Mental Training

$280.00 / month

AOTR Mental Training – Online Consulting features:

  • Assessments to determine current mental capabilities and needs (e.g. training/competition mental preparation, mistake recovery, focus, training/competition reflection)
  • Goal setting and progressive training individualized to each athlete using tools such as visualization and mindfulness
  • Development that athletes will see and feel in training and competition

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Mental training is a foundational piece for all of the AOTR training; with the proper mentality, just about anything can be accomplished.  Mental training is woven throughout the Skill and Physical training, however there are many times this needs to be a focal point in itself.  Many times, athletes need to be taught how to set and accomplish goals, work hard and smart, prepare and focus in before and during training/competition, recover after making mistakes, reflect after training/competition is finished, create a championship mentality, and avoid burnout.