Strength and Conditioning in Chicago

Professional Strength and Conditioning in Chicago

Do you want to get started with strength and conditioning in Chicago? Come check out Athletes On The Rise, where the best services for strength and conditioning are offered! Erick Vigansky, our owner and trainer, provides personilized strength and conditioning training in a highly specialized and holistic manner. Having pushed himself to improve his understanding of the human mind, body, and spirit, Erick is able to create the best strength and conditioning training for your mind and body.

Offering quality strength and conditioning in Chicago, Athletes On The Rise provides personalized sessions where we work you on balance, coordination, movement, strength, injury risk reduction, speed, stamina, and sensory integration. We take the time to assess your physical capabilities and injury risks before we begin your strength and conditioning in Chicago. By doing this, it allows our training team to set individual goals for you to meet or succeed. Training is offered for all sports! Contact us at AOTR today to learn more!

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Why choose AOTR for Your Strength and Conditioning?

Here at Athletes On The Rise, we strive to be the top training organization in the world by helping athletes accomplish and surpass their goals. By using a progressive, holistic, and structured training approach, our team is able to help you through each step of your strength and conditioning in Chicago. The methods we use help each of our athletes reach their highest level of active potential.

Requirements for Athletes:

  • Ages 10 & up.
  • A love for the sport and they want to play at higher levels
  • Willing to do the work in training sessions as well as on their own love

We are flexible as we work with you to meet all of your goals and needs by offering a wide-variety of training sessions, including individual, team, group, in-person, and online. Along with strength and conditioning in Chicago, Athlete’s On The Rise offers many other services such as mental skills training and nutrition coaching.

We are looking forward to helping you meet your goals through our strength and conditioning program! Sign up today to get started! After registration, schedule your session by clicking the links given in the purchase receipt that is sent to your email.