High School Basketball Skills Prep Camp


The BEST Basketball Skills Camp in Chicagoland that will prepare you to make the leap needed to play at the High School level !

This is your best opportunity to improve your basketball skills abilities in the off-season, bar none!  


Results GUARANTEED for all participants!

ALL SESSIONS ARE LED BY COACH ERICK VIGANSKY and his staff of amazing, high level, experienced coaches!

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The Basketball Skills Camp that will prepare you to make the leap needed to play at the High School level!

If you are a rising 8th-10th grade basketball player that wants to take your game to the next level, this is the camp for you!

We will go through, in detail, everything you need to know to play at the high school level.  We will refine your basketball fundamental skills and take a deep dive into the tactical understanding on offense and defense through on court work and watching film!

You will walk away with an understanding of what you need to work on in your own time to succeed at the High School Level, whether that be by yourself, a friend, or a group of friends!  You will learn how to work on basic skills and then apply them.

Here is an overview of what we will cover in this basketball skills camp geared towards future High School Players:

Decision Making with the Ball:

  • Apply your fundamental skills and decide quickly on whether you should attack, pass, or shoot the ball
  • Read both the first and second lines of defense
  • Understand your options when a trap is coming
  • Know what to do if you draw a second defender

Individual and Team Defending:

  • Learn basic body movement biomechanics so you know what the offensive player will do before he or she does!
  • Learn to be the aggressor and take away a player’s best attribute
  • Develop a defensive IQ – learn what to do against who, and why, depending on your team concepts!
  • Become the strong link in the defensive chain by always being in the right place at the right time in the half and full court
  • Understand basic man to man and trapping defenses
  • Learn your basics options when defending screens on and off the ball!  THIS IS A HUGE PIECE THAT IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED!
  • Learn to guard all positions effectively according to the type of player you are

Offensive Tactics:

  • Player Movement + Ball Movement + Timing + Spacing = Offensive Efficiency (credit to my friend Coach Ryan Pannone at Alabama for this quote).  Find out the secret to the success of any high octane offense
  • Slow the game down with a few basic strategies so you can make the proper decision for your team
  • Understand the basics of cutting, screening off the ball, post-play, ball screens & dribble hand offs and to read the 1st and 2nd lines of defense
  • Learn what to do depending on how the defense is guarding you
  • Learn to play with pace in the full court and half court!


  • How to have patience and see a play develop to make the right pass
  • How to protect the ball and use fakes and your feet to reduce turnovers with intense pressure
  • Understand your basic pick & roll and off ball screen pass reads
  • Improve the tempo of your decision making by seeing some of the most common situations against live defense


  • Learn to hold yourself accountable for the number of makes you should be making per day and the efficiency you should develop
  • Learn whether to shoot, fake, attack, or pass
  • Learn how to MAKE game tempo shots
  • Learn the shots you should be working on to stand out with coaches


  • Learn to finish at the rim consistently with either hand while protecting the ball with contact
  • Learn all your options when finishing off of 2 feet – a must to slow the game down, get the defense off balance, and make the right decision
  • Know what to do depending on the type of on ball and help defender
  • Become the player that teams have to scout to keep out of the lane!!


  • Learn to become the player nobody wants to battle for a rebound
  • Develop a motor and moves that gets your team extra possessions and gets you noticed by coaches
  • Become invaluable by learning proper outlet and push passes

The Basketball Skills You Learn at this camp will make a lasting impact on your game!

This camp will be a mix of basketball skill development, tactical development, and competitions that will push players to be better in everything that they do on and off the court.  Players will also learn the life skills of hard work, focus, accountability, dealing with adversity & pressure to create mental resiliency, and much, MUCH more.

This camp will be run by Coach Erick Vigansky, who has lead Camps and Clinics all over the world, including China, South Korea, Denmark, South Korea and more.  He is also a Lead Clinician with Breakthrough Basketball.  With over 15 years of training youth through professional players, Coach Erick combines his experience & knowledge in multidisciplinary Sports Science fields to yield top notch results.

Learn the basketball skills and life skills you need to become the player and person you always wanted to be at the High School Level!