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Number One Chicago Physical Training

Athletes on the Rise stands as the number one company for Chicago physical training. We thrive on partnering with dedicated athletes, driven by a strong work ethic, and are committed to propelling you toward success! Understanding the unique needs of every athlete, we adopt an individualized approach, tailoring physical training based on your aspirations, current fitness level, and desired outcomes.

At the helm is Erick Vigansky, our esteemed owner, whose profound expertise spans sports, physical training, and holistic human body health. Under his guidance, we elevate your training regimen to unprecedented heights. Our approach to Chicago physical training is unmatched, offering a transformative experience unlike any other. Connect with Athletes on The Rise to see more of what we offer!

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Why Choose AOTR for Chicago Physical Training?

Our seasoned team takes pride in nurturing well-rounded and triumphant athletes, not just to meet their goals but to exceed them. Employing a holistic methodology, we provide structured guidance, ensuring each individual witnesses tangible progress in their Chicago physical training. Athletes on The Rise has emerged as the epitome of top-tier physical training, drawing insights from diverse fields to empower athletes, both on the field and in their everyday lives.

Look into our array of services, you’ll find a comprehensive program designed to move you toward your goals. Explore our offerings here and embark on your journey toward EXCELLENCE with the very best Chicago physical training!

Why our services are the best for Chicago Physical Training

We offer a variety of different skills such as:

  1. Sports Performance Training
  2. Basketball Skills Training
  3. Mental Skills Training
  4. Athlete Profiling
  5. Nutrition Coaching
  6. Semi-Private Elite Basketball Training
  7. Semi-Private Sports Training

At all our training we aim to assess any injuries, set positive goals, create training programs to show progression, and customized sessions. Our Chicago Physical Training can be done in person or online.