Best Basketball Camps in Chicago

Top Basketball Camps in Chicago, IL

Athletes on the Rise has the best Basketball Camps in Chicago. We enjoy working with basketball players with a strong work ethic, and want to help you succeed! Every athlete is different which is why we use an individual approach to help provide better basketball camps in the Chicago area.  This approach will assess your current abilities and progress them in the most efficient way possible, helping you achieve your basketball goals!

Erick Vigansky, our owner, possesses extensive knowledge of basketball skills training, mental training, and sports performance training. We will take your training to the next level! Our Basketball Camps in Chicago are unlike any other! Contact AOTR today for more information or to have a camp run in your area!

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Why Choose AOTR for Basketball Camps in Chicago?

Our team of professionals prides itself on helping develop well-rounded and successful athletes on and off the court to EXCEED their goals. We use a tailored approach that is structured and progressed according to their ability at each Basketball Camp in Chicago. Athletes on the Rise has become the highest-quality provider of Basketball Camps in Chicago! We draw on the knowledge from multidisciplinary fields to help athletes prosper both in their sport and in real life.

We provide many Basketball Camps in Chicago to players reach their goals. An extensive Camps page will be up and running soon.  In the meantime, view our current product offerings HERE.

Get started today with the BEST Basketball Camps in Chicago!  Contact us now!

Why our Basketball Camps in Chicago are the Best

What differentiates our Basketball Camps in Chicago:

  1.  Effective, Individualized Progressions – We will work with you according to YOUR abilities, progress you according to YOUR needs, and improve YOUR decision making with your current abilities.
  2. High Level Adaptation & Transfer – EVERYTHING we do at our camps are purposeful!  You will learn to WHAT to do, and HOW to do it to maximize your progress and improve your success!
  3. We Care More – Your success is our priority.  If you win, so do we!  We put EVERYTHING into the development and execution of these camps.  Our programs are ALWAYS improving as a result of the work we put in behind the scenes to improve ourselves.

We offer a variety of Basketball Camps such as:

  1. Elite Shooting Camp
  2. Best Ballhandling Camp
  3. Phenomenal Finisher Camp
  4. Defensive Lockdown Camp
  5. Premier Playmaker Camp
  6. Off-Ball Screen Reads & Reactions
  7. Screen & Roll Reads & Reactions

At all of our Basketball Camps we aim to assess and progress each player according to their level and ability. Our Basketball Camps in Chicago can be be done locally in Chicago, nationally around the USA, or internationally around the world!