Basketball Training
in Chicago

Elite Basketball Training
in Chicago, IL

Looking for basketball training in Chicago to take your game to the next level?! Athletes on the Rise is proud to offer our Elite Basketball Skills Training in Chicago for athletes aged 10 & up.

These training sessions are for athletes that want to play at the highest levels, from youth through elite.  Every athlete will be assessed and a customized, progressive program will be designed to meet his or her needs.  Each 1 hour session will have a great attention to detail and will require athletes to work hard.  Athletes will be required to put in work between sessions.  Life skills are also developed.  With basketball training in Chicago,  athletes will learn to become the best versions of themselves on and off the court.

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AOTR Basketball Training Subscription Features

  • This Elite Basketball Skills Training Subscription includes:
    • Elite 1 hour training sessions
    • Skill assessment & goal setting
    • Detailed, progressive skill development tailored to each athlete’s needs

    Participation requirements:

    • Ages 10 & up.
    • A love for the game & desire to play at high levels
    • Willing to put in work outside of training sessions

    Sessions can be done Online or In Person.  Internet connection & video conferencing abilities are required for Online Training.  May be put into groups of up to 6 people with similar abilities.

    After registration, be sure to Schedule your Session using the links provided in the purchase receipt sent to your email.