Fundamental Basketball Skills Camp



This is your best opportunity to improve your basketball skills abilities in the off-season, bar none!  


Results GUARANTEED for all participants!

ALL SESSIONS ARE LED BY COACH ERICK VIGANSKY and his staff of amazing, high level, experienced coaches!

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The Basketball Skills Camp that will take your game to the next level!

If you are a rising 6th – 11th grade basketball player that wants to take your game to the next level, this is the camp for you!

We will go through, in detail, all the fundamental skills you need to become a better basketball player.  You will learn to dribble, pass, shoot, finish, rebound, defend, and move at a higher level than ever before in a competitive, yet supportive, environment.

You will walk away with an understanding of what you need to work on in your own time, whether that be by yourself, a friend, or a group of friends!  You will learn how to work on basic skills and then apply them.

Here is an overview of what we will cover:


  • How to get the ball on a string and feel confident with your dribble
  • How to get by your defender in the most efficient way possible
  • How to change directions seamlessly while keeping the defense off balance
  • How to create space against high pressure and help defense situations


  • How to throw dart – like passes ON TIME and ON TARGET with either hand
  • How to protect the ball and use fakes to reduce turnovers
  • How to use your feet and your body to get the defenders off without dribbling
  • Understand when you should pass… and when to make another decision!


  • Understand how to develop the most efficient shot for YOU
  • Create consistent shot mechanics
  • Learn how to MAKE shots, not just TAKE shots
  • Learn to shoot off the catch, on the move, and off the dribble like the Pros!


  • Learn to finish at the rim consistently with either hand
  • Learn how to protect the ball and get defenders off balance for an “and-1” type play!
  • Know when to avoid and when to create contact
  • Learn when to take that shot at the rim… and when to pass to a teammate!


  • Learn how to time your jump and secure the ball when rebounding
  • Learn the strategies to keep your opponent away from the ball
  • Learn the key strategies to obtain offensive rebounds, gaining extra possessions for you and your team!
  • Know the next best decision after the rebound – dribble, pass, or shoot?


  • Learn how to make your opponent uncomfortable in how you guard them
  • Understand and apply team defensive concepts to give the offense fits!
  • Learn how to pressure players without fouling

Offensive Movement:

  • How to get open when defenders are pressuring you and are physical with you
  • Learn how to get easy buckets when the defense least expects this 1 type of cut!
  • Learn how to keep great spacing, timing, player movement & ball movement

The Basketball Skills You Learn at this camp will make a lasting impact on your game!

This camp will be a mix of drills and competitions that will push players to be better in everything that they do on and off the court.  Players will also learn the life skills of hard work, focus, accountability, dealing with adversity & pressure to create mental resiliency, and much, MUCH more.

This camp will be run by Coach Erick Vigansky, who has lead Camps and Clinics all over the world, including China, South Korea, Denmark, South Korea and more.  He is also a Lead Clinician with Breakthrough Basketball.  With over 15 years of training youth through professional players, Coach Erick combines his experience & knowledge in multidisciplinary Sports Science fields to yield top notch results.

Learn the basketball skills and life skills you need to become the player and person you always wanted to be!