Sports Performance Training – 2x/month Subscription

$120.00 / month

Sports Performance Training includes:

  • Initial Assessment to Set Goals and Identify ‘weak-links,’ that lead to injury and deficits in Sports Performance
  • Structured, progressive development each week geared towards accomplishing specific goals
  • Programs for athletes to do between sessions to ensure maximum development

These sessions can take place In-Person in Kenosha or Online via your Mobile Device.

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Two 1-hour training sessions per month focusing on physical training development tailored to the individual for $120/month.  Training may include Strength, Speed, Stamina, Agility, Olympic Lifting, Plyometrics and other forms of Sports Performance Training.  Athletes will be given work to do on their own between sessions to ensure weekly progress.

Payment will be automatically withdrawn on the same day each month.

Sessions can be performed In-Person or Online via your Mobile Device.