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Nutrition plays a major in an athlete’s ability to develop, perform and recover.  Nutrition can be the difference maker in accomplishing weight gain/loss and body composition goals.  A proper plan will also improve energy levels and recovery ability to keep athletes healthy and performing at their highest levels.

AOTR Nutrition Coaching features:

  • Assessment of the athlete’s current diet
  • Sports Nutrition plans for training, competition and recovery based on the athlete’s goals
  • Nutritional advice for the progressive dietary changes needed to prepare, perform, and recover at the highest level

This package will include a 1 hour diet assessment & goals setting interview, a food journal for the athlete to log and food journal analysis, a 1 hour Sports Nutrition planning session, and 3 30 minute follow up sessions to track progress and adjust the program as necessary.

A body composition assessment can be performed for a separate fee.  Email for more information.